How safe is your operation?

Let us help you manage fatigue risk across your aviation department.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, our solutions help you identify risk, explore mitigations, and fly safer.

fatigue meter

Personally take control of assessing your fatigue.

Aviation Fatigue Meter is an iPad optimized app used by pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance personnel to evaluate the fatigue impact of their flight and duty schedule. It is used as a stand-alone tool or can be integrated with popular SMS and scheduling platforms.

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fleet insight

Gain operational insight to run a safer operation.

Fleet Insight is an app that enables safety managers and schedulers to proactively evaluate fatigue across their entire operation’s schedule. It is used to view summary statistics, identify fatigue hotspots in schedules and crew pairings, and design optimal fatigue countermeasures.

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fatigue snapshot

Baseline the fatigue health of your operation.

Fatigue Snapshot is a 4-week operational field study. We collect and analyze the sleep and work schedules of your environment to provide a fatigue profile assessment and identify areas to consider for proactive initiatives.

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fatigue master

Become a fatigue master.

Our fatigue seminar run by Pulsar fatigue experts helps you understand the biological basis of fatigue which allows you to take action before fatigue becomes a serious issue.

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